We have several types of lampshade making tapes available.

Machine Binding Tapes  - Used to stick the lampshade ring to the panel using a binding machine and solvent activator.

Self-Adhesive Tapes - The self-adhesive tape can be used for the handmade making of lampshades and for the manufacture using lampshade binding machines as well.

Cotton Binding Tapes- Versatile non-stretch 100% cotton tape for binding around lampshade frames for sewing fabric and textiles onto the frame.; Can also be used for craft and general use.; Perfect for making bunting for any celebration.

Herringbone Tape - 100% cotton general purpose tape in plain colours that can be used to finish lampshades, use with EVA adhesive or double sided tape
Bias Binding - We stock a range of Bias Binding  which is 100% cotton, that can be used for hemming and edging lampshades. Because the fabric is cut on the cross, you will be able to stretch it round your lampshade for a fresh crisp finish.