Repair Adhesives

When you choose a Bostik repair adhesive, you can be sure of a product that will not let you down. Our repair adhesives utilise a number of beneficial chemical formulations, meaning we have the right adhesive for the job, no matter what. Whether it is repairs to split wooden furniture, cracked ceramic plates, shattered glassware or metal pieces of any kind, our adhesives can do the job.

Super glues - Made for when the unexpected happens

Its a well-known part of life that the unexpected can happen, a broken handle here and a chipped picture frame there. Unfortunately, none of these items will fix themselves. Fortunately for you, Bostik has it covered with a range of super glues that are quick and easy to use as well as reliable. When time and convenience is of the essence, any job will be a quick job when you choose Bostik.

We have a product to fix everything, take a look below