Lampshade Manufacturing Services

Dannell's is renown as the finest laminator of fabrics and vinyl in Europe.  
We laminate textiles, papers decorative films to various substrates using specialist adhesives.

Our company offers a trade lamination service, you send us the fabric, and we laminate and return to you on the backing of choice

We have two systems.

Wet adhesive
Uses a liquid adhesive to bond two substrates together.
The adhesive is accurately spread onto the first substrate.

Dry adhesive
Uses an acrylic adhesive system to bond substrates together.
Used as an alternative to the wet system for troublesome textiles like Silk, but mainly used for the lamination of types of vinyl.

Cutting Services
We offer lots of different cutting options which include Digital Cutting (no tooling), Die Cutting, Creasing, Kiss cutting, Guillotine service, Precision stamping (platen)

With our competitive pricing and name for reliability and service to our customers, Dannell's, will offer you fast efficient service and low lead time. Our digital cutting service can cut any shape or size. Panels can be supplied with creasing for square shapes, and scores for easy hand rolled edge assembly. Tell us the dimensions of the lampshade you require, and we will replicate the shape needed in an instant. We also advise material yields and costs if applicable before the start of the cutting process. Our nesting software will automatically simulate all possible combinations of the shapes you require and nest them to your exact production requirements optimising cutting productivity and material utilisation.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of pleating products that are supplied on the roll or supplied as ready-made sleeves.

Fabric Textile Pleating
A wide range of classic and modern styles of pleating available.
Can be supplied in Rolls, Slit logs, or sewn sleeves.

Available from stock in our Chic & Lenette ranges

Side knife
Tailor made to your specification 1/4"inch & 3/8" inch

Tailor made to your specification 1inch" & 2inch."

Your Fabrics
We can also pleat your fabrics to the style of your choice.

Rigid Pleating
Fabric textile laminated to PVC and pleated.

Accordion Type
Supplied on the roll or manufactured into sewn sleeves with keyhole notch.
Select from our fabric or supplied from your own.
Pleat heights available 5mm(micro) - 12mm - 15mm - 20mm - 25mm

Sleeves made to order most popular sizes available
145mm,160mm, 180mm, 210mm 235mm

Flute Type
Stylish rounded pleat alternative to the Accordion style.
Pleat width is fixed at 36mm.

We supply trimmings made to order they are available to from our fabric ranges, or from materials you supply.
Plain Folded Trimming
Available in 9mm & 12mm. Please choose from our current range of fabrics
(please note that certain fabrics & colours have minimum order requirements)
Folded Trimming & Soutache
As above but combined with 3mm plain Soutache.
3mm Soutache Trimming
Available on its own or combined in 2, 3, or 4 rows.
Please contact us for details of the colour range.

Gold Fills
Popular trim ideal for braiding most lampshades.
Available from stock in 400mt reels.

Binding Machine Tapes
We currently stock a wide range of machine binding tapes

They are available in the following stock sizes.
 16mm (5/8") or 19mm (3/4").

Fabrics & Textiles  
We currently stock a wide range of fabrics that are sure to suit
the traditionalist and most modern lampshade manufacturer.

Unfortunately not all our range is available on our online shop.
We can source

Broderie Anglaise - Calico - Chiffon - Gingham - Silk- Voile - Crepes - Satin
Polyester, Wool - Nylon - Linen - Leatherette - Suede - Fur- Prints.

If we cannot fulfil your requirement, we will especially source your item especially for you.

Digital Printing Services
Enables us to print small quantities without the need for setup costs.

We can print your designs directly to PVC, and many other digital printable materials.
Our focus is on achieving new creative lighting designs from images, illustrations and photographs.

Bespoke Print and Cut Service
We have just installed a new state of the art cutting machine that can cut and crease and has camera registration options.  
This new machine in combination with our extensive printing plant allows us to offer you unique lampshade designs for retail and commercial markets.
As an example of what we can offer you, we have digitally printed a candle design for a lampshade and then cut the flame out. We made up the shade and put it on a table lamp.

As you can see the light bursts through the cut-out creating a unique decorative effect.
Our equipment in combination with your designs can bring a new dimension and decorative effects to your lighting products.  
As an example, if your designs have windows, headlights or flames, we can make them all come to life!

You Think It; We Will Print & Cut It!

Lampshade Making Machinery
We can also source new and second-hand lampshade making equipment on request, including binding machines and sealers.

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