Curtain & Blind Makers


Everything you need to make lampshades in any shape or size with the fabric of your choice!



Increase Your Sales Revenue

Offer your clients a complete and rounded soft furnishings service by adding bespoke lampshades to your repertoire! When a client wants to change the look of a space, suggesting new lampshades goes naturally hand in hand with changing other soft furnishings such as curtains and blinds.  


Learn a New Skill

Although Lampshade Making is a skilful craft, it is much simpler than makers initially think, plus we offer FREE help and support and many resources in our Business Expertise and Advice for Makers section (BEAM). 



We have made it incredibly easy to start making your own professional lampshades with our Manufacturing Packs which include all the essential components at the most economical rates. All you need is your covering of choice any fabric or wallpaper can be used.


Our Business Start-up Pack is the most economical deal saving you 20% on the Manufacturing Packs! It includes everything you need to make lampshades in 3 sizes small, medium and large all supplied compactly in 3 boxes.

 It will cost you only £4.39 a shade!  


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