Cellophane - Lampshade Wrapping / Finishing

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Lampshade manufacturers use cellophane to hand finish their lampshades.
It is the best way to protect the lampshade from dirt and dust.

Cellophane will also provide your lampshades with a tailored attractive finish.

It's straightforward to use, and we have created a short video to show how to use it.

Video tutorial 
If you would like to view our video tutorial click on the link below.

About the material
Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet made of regenerated cellulose. Its low permeability to air, oils, greases, bacteria, and water makes it useful for food packaging.  As well as packaging a variety of food items, there are also industrial applications, such as a base for such self-adhesive tapes as Sellotape and Scotch Tape.  Cellophane is the most popular material for manufacturing cigar packaging; its permeability to moisture makes cellophane the perfect product for this application as cigars must be allowed to "breathe" while in storage.

Cellophane itself is 100% biodegradable, and that has increased its popularity as a food wrapping.

How to use?
The cellophane is applied by hand "Bandaged Wrapped" inside and out of the Lampshade and will give the finished lampshade a professional tailored look, unlike putting the lampshade in a plastic bag.

How is it made?
We purchase the cellophane in huge rolls and then it has to be reeled down and slit into hand cobs for you to use, the process is very labour intensive to make into small cobs.

How is it supplied?
This cellophane come in various shapes and sizes but each hand cob is approximately 10 cm wide, approximately 250 Grams per cob in weight.
Sold by the Kilo approximately 4 pieces (hand cobs) of cellophane per kilo.

How to Order?
Select "Add to Cart" at the top of this page 1 Unit = 1Kilo of Cellophane



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