50cm x 25cm Rectangle Manufacturers Pack - 30 Lampshades

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These packs are designed for small manufacturers they include all the essential components to make
30 x Professional 50cm x 25cm Rectangle Lampshades economically.

Quality materials
The pack includes the 12mm Seamstick Double-sided tape for the lampshade seams, and also Tessa Tape for applying to the rings. The Self Adhesive Lampshade panels are also supplied packed flat (not rolled up as in the kit boxes) so they are easier to use and assemble.

What type of lamp holders will fit this lampshade?
The frame is manufactured to fit European lamp holders, and a Converter/Reducer Adaptor plug is supplied fitted to reduce the aperture
so it can fit UK lamp holders. 

Lampholder Types
B22 Bayonet Cap  Lampholders (UK) -  Adaptor Fitted
E14 Edison Screw Lampholders  (EU)    Adaptor Fitted
E27 Edison Screw Lampholders  (EU)    Adaptor Removed
E26 Edison Screw Lampholders  (US)    Adaptor Removed

Harp & Finial Fittings
If you wanted to use the frame with a Harp & Finial fittings, used mainly in the USA, then you can use converting washers with our adaptor (purchased separately) to reduce the aperture further. For more details about the Converter / Adaptor system, click here.

What's in the box
30 x Lampshade frame, epoxy coated
30 x Lampshade frame, epoxy coated with fitting
30 x Flat-packed Self-adhesive lampshade panel size 1605mm x 278mm includes 14mm kiss cut
 1 x 50mtr rolls of 9mm Tessa Tape ( Apply to rings)
 1 x 25mtr roll of 12mm Seamstick Double-sided tape (Apply to seams)
30 x Rolled Edge Tools for finishing
1 x How to make instruction sheet

Some makers prefer to use Soft Furnishing Bond Tape or Tessa Tape for their seams instead of using Seamstick; therefore, you have the opportunity to exchange the tapes in options above.


What size will my covering need to be?
Your covering needs to be 1605mm wide x 278 mm to cover the self-adhesive panel supplied


Lampshade Assembled Size
50cm x 25cm x 25cm High

Our lampshade materials have been tested and passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association in April 2014. If you would like to download a test certificate click here.

We also supply lampshade diffusers, cellophane for wrapping the lampshades when assembled and wattage labels.
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Brand Dannells
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